Grow With The Gram is a step-by-step process that will show you how to INCREASE PROFITS in your business by using Instagram to attract the right type of followers, and  turn those followers into actual patients.

Important question for the healthcare practitioner, who runs their own private practice and wants to up their production — solely using Instagram in the next 60 days:

If there was a proven SYSTEM for attracting perfectly-targeted patients into your office every single month using organic social media,  … without wasting your time or making you look like you’re “trying to be a celebrity or something”

Would you finally take Instagram off your “Marketing Bucketlist of Things You Don’t Have Time For?”

Here’s why ANYTHING LESS than a “cancel my next appointment; I’m getting myself an Insta handle” is keeping you on a 5-day workweek, when you could be doing 3:

Every day, social media accounts from other healthcare professionals scream, “look at me! look at me!”

Some promote bad information.

Others are run by doctors who hire others to post to their feeds, use their platform in superficial ways, and don’t educate the general pop with info they don’t normally have access to…but if they did, it would be life-changing to their health.

The thing is, these accounts create a success-sucking problem that’s directly affecting YOUR practice:

they make you think social media is something it’s not.

And even though you’d LOVE to discover the marketing strategy that grows your practice organically, without spending thousands on Google Ads or wishing the great gods of Yelp magically serve up your dream patients — you decide you’re “too private a person” for Instagram. And even though you KIIIND of think it’s a necessity, it stays perpetually under-prioritized. And you go on:

  • … doing fillings and crowns even though you wish you could just take on cosmetic cases
  • … doing skin biopsies & cryosurgeries when you should be the next big name inside  the complex dermatology medical field by now
  • … performing eye exams when you know speciality contacts is your thing
  • … taking on a roster that’s 90%  insurance patients, even though you know the ones who seek YOU out and pay YOUR fees make the office vibe way better
  • … and continuing to make treatment compromises, based on  insurance reimbursement fees — even though it keeps you up at night

… when Instagram (of all things!) could’ve fixed that

DR. NEDA (DERMATOLOGIST) ““When I started using the concepts and strategies I learned in Grow With The Gram, it only took 3 weeks to go through all the content and after implementing the strategies for 8 weeks, I gained 12 new patients. It started with 1 new patient, then it went to 2, and went up from there! Those 12 new  patients led to over $40,000 of production! The Grow With The Gram system saved me so much time and money.” 


Whether you’re a dentist, therapist, physical therapist, optometrist, doctor, dermatologist, or plastic surgeon…

You deserve to build a practice that doesn’t depend on which insurance lists your name appears on, and isn’t at the mercy of how high up you are on Yelp. You’re a good person. Of course you’re in this field because it has the potential to pay well, but YOU do your job out of a genuine desire to help people get healthier.

Happy tears with “you changed my life” are a normal occurrence in your office. And that’s NOT something the typical Joe can say. So after the years your spent slaving in school, the way-too-long workdays and the missed parties and other life sacrifices it took to get where you are today,

isn’t it dang time you…

  • get the name recognition you deserve
  • enjoy the patient-attracting benefits that even just a little bit of visibility can mean for your business?
  • steer your practice to be primarily specialty contacts, cosmetic surgeries or whatever special cases light your heart on fire?
  • drop insurances if you want, so you aren’t tied to their fees — and STILL achieve those 3 day work weeks you’re after (because little Clara isn’t going to be 6 months forever, and mini getaways with your partner won’t always be a thing)
  • feel more independent and self-made while you build your practice — and more in control of your success?
  • all while being seen as an esteemed go-to in your industry, using social media to positively impact the lives of people whose health directly benefits from the information you share?

I can help you do all that.

Here’s what no one’s talking about when it comes to the healthcare industry and Instagram:

  1. There’s more than one way to “do Instagram.”

… but because you see an overload of “I can dance! I’m fun” and a lack of real doctor-patient connection… you get turned off. The reality is: entertaining accounts are just one type of account (we’ll cover the other two  in module 1).

If instead of funny dance videos, you’d rather inspire people to get serious about wearing sunscreen, or help them control the inflammation in their mouths — do it. People need it. What you need: an Instagram style that matches your personality and shares only stuff YOU feel comfortable sharing.

  1. So much has changed on Instagram, there’s nothing but room at the TOP for healthcare professionals

…buuut because “how to act” isn’t super clear, you don’t feel comfortable enough to take advantage of this free marketing — especially when just a few months ago, you thought Instagram was just for Kim Kardashian sort of stuff. What you need: clear, guessless step-by-steps about what to post, & how to engage — then accountability so you implement immediately.

  1. Prioritizing Instagram when there’s vision therapy to be done, a bi-polar patient who needs you, or a systemic oral disease to treat — can feel weird.

…which is why most practitioners have nothing more than a fairly untouched Facebook page, consisting of a “Happy Memorial Day, here’s a watermelon in the shape of a smile” photo that maybe got 2 likes. (and sinks to the bottom of the priority list any time HIPAA throws a new curve ball you have 1 week to implement)

What you need: once you decide putting energy into your social media is worth it — you need a strategy that doesn’t half-promise results, but guarantees them.

  1. Most healthcare practitioners fall off the bandwagon because their strategy requires too much time

… which is why your marketing efforts have been a series of “start and stop” — with no stellar results to speak of. But since Instagram success will ALWAYS boil down to how consistent you are, what now?

What you need: an easy-to-stick-to strategy that doesn’t take a ton of time. Plus, 75 IG Story templates and 150 already-been-researched hashtags so there’s not so much to think about.

Increasing your profits over the next 2 months by getting more QUALITY patients from Instagram alone — is 100% possible

(and you don’t need to sacrifice your privacy or attract thousands of followers to be successful)

By using my 3-pillared system, designed with your busy schedule in mind, you’ll…

  • Create a professional account you actually feel PROUD to post to (that boosts your name recognition, without feeling like you’re self-indulgently blabbing about things that aren’t relevant to your industry)
  • Steadily grow your account & get consistent with your posting schedule (because your strategy is templated and your execution plan is actually doable this time!)
  • Pre-sell people into working with you. When you’re on Instagram, people show up to your office, knowing they already want to sign up for the treatment — they’re just here to learn how to get started
  • Consistently turn followers into new patients every single month using attraction strategies & the DM conversion method
  • End the love-hate relationship you have with insurance, without sacrificing the stream of patients it affords you (but nixing all the crap it forces you to deal with)

… but the no-fluff steps to get there HAVE to be delivered to you in turbo-speed, and your plan to stay consistent HAS to require minimum time.

Because you know: BUSY. Which is why I’m so excited to introduce the strategy that took me from almost filing for bankruptcy, to consistently attracting 30-50 new patients each month using Instagram alone.


Hey, I’m Desiree!

Years ago, I started my Instagram account out of sheer desperation. I had to either make my business work, or close it down, and work for someone else. I was relying heavily on Google Adwords, local magazine spreads and a few other forms of paid advertisement in order to get the word out about my business.

They cost a pretty freaking penny, considering they weren’t feeding my business AT ALL.

When I realized I could advertise my business for free on social media, I didn’t think it would work — especially Instagram.

I thought it was for people in the fashion and beauty industries.

But I tried anyway.

And once I figured what the STRATEGY was behind it…

I signed up my first Instagram patient for a $12,000 treatment. In that SAME month, 6 more Instagram leads came in — all of them converting into paid patients.

It didn’t stop there.

My Instagram visibility got me noticed by “The Doctors,” a daytime emmy-award-winning TV show who approached & featured me as a guest expert 3 times, boosting my credibility and getting me website footage other doctors only wished they had.

This isn’t about turning you into some influencer you don’t want to be.

This isn’t about needing to attract 10,000 followers, while you burrow into your phone all day.

This is a 3-part execution strategy to grow your practice in only 10 minutes a day — for as long as you stay with it.

It goes like this….

Pillar 1:  Lay the foundation for your high-converting Instagram account

There are 3 types of Instagram accounts that are most effective for healthcare (and designed to convert). Once you understand them, you’ll see why you DON’T have to divulge personal details about your family life if that’s not your thing.

By the end of Pillar 1, you’ll  set up the Instagram account, most beneficial to your business. Then, ensure it attracts the exact kinds of cases you want to bring into your office (there’s a method).

You’ll also…

  • Write your Instagram bio so the moment people land on your account, they want to follow you (it will also direct traffic to your website and boost your Google ranking)
  • Adopt the “ideal patient like level test” to take the guessing out of “should I post this?” (it will also help you create content faster )
  • Stop “posting just to post” and ensure your content has meaning and purpose (if you don’t, it will stunt your growth)
  • Beat that initial content-creation hurdle by cranking out your first batch in 1 week. Then get your posting schedule up and running as quickly as humanly possible
  • Learn how to share information on social media without violating HIPAA (and how to discuss with your patients what you’ll be sharing on your IG account

Pillar 2: Consistently attract the RIGHT people to your account

Now that you have content ready to go — here’s where you’ll get consistent so you can grow your audience EVEN with your busy schedule. Lack of consistency is the #1 reason most professionals can’t enjoy the business-booming benefits of a successful Instagram account.

So, knowing you work all day, this module was created with you in mind to make your life easier.

You’ll also…

  • Create a content creation strategy and posting schedule so repeatable, it becomes a habit — rather than something you have to flex your creative muscles for every day (which feels impossible when you’re tired)
  • Access 150 industry-related hashtags so you can 10x the number of eye-balls that land on your practice
  • Utilize a vault of 80+ IG story templates & a designed-for-you Content Calendar so you can save your brain for more important things
  • Create scroll-stopping Iphone photos & videos on a consistent basis and a $0 budget (fun fact: video gets more eyes on your account; in this module you’ll see why)
  • Master the need-to-knows about Canva, so you don’t have to waste money hiring a designer to create your social media graphics

Pillar 3:  Converting followers into new patients — every single month

Now that you’re waking up every day, excited to engage with your audience — here’s where you’ll turn your steadily-climbing follower count into actual patients for life. Here’s the thing: you can’t expect a follower to come in for a $15,000 nose job if you don’t connect with them so meaningfully, they feel like they’ve been chatting with you face-to-face.

By the end of Pillar 3, you’ll be initiating sales directly in your DMs (and executing in a personable way that feels good).

You’ll also…

  • Make the algorithm work FOR you so you attract more inbound questions and comments you can use as conversation-starters
  • Use video to form an instant connection so you win your new patients over before they even walk through your door
  • Know the specifics around building trust with your audience and nail down your strategies for doing it, using consistency, frequency, and concern
  • Utilize repeatable DM scripts & strategies that turn conversations into booked appointments at least 50% of the time
  • Start relying on Instagram to bring in 5, 10, 15, 20+ new patients per month for as long as you stay in the game (growth is inevitable, but you have to stay consistent!)

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll also get this bonus suite of Instagram Accelerators:

Bonus 1: value $397

Attracting Your First (or next) 500 -1000 Quality Instagram Followers Quickstart Training

7 strategies for getting quality followers to notice you, engage with you, and convert into actual patients inside your practice, no matter how small your following is

Bonus 2: value $397

One Month of Content in One Day: 28-minute Quickstart Training

My EXACT time-saving steps that get my content done and scheduled, without me ever having to think about it. This workshop will ensure your limited free time isn’t sacrificed for your new Instagram habit.

Bonus 3: value $197

Building an Attention-Grabbing Bio Workshop

Create an intriguing bio that captures your ideal patients within the first 10 seconds of landing on your feed — and gets them reading and scrolling through your stuff

Bonus 4: value $297

Content Creation Workshop for Healthcare Practitioners

Create MORE of the content that actually converts — and do it as efficiently as possible. This workshop will also relieve you from tons of stress and anxiety about knowing what to post!

Bonus 5: value $997

Access to the Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Get special access to free pop-up trainings and live Q&As from Desiree. Plus unlimited inspiration  and feedback from a group of like-minded healthcare professionals

The Grow With the Gram program is a total value of $3,000, and the bonuses are valued at $2,285. When you add it all up, that’s a total of over $5,000

But because I want nothing standing between you and a practice that attracts new patients every single month through Instagram, you get the Grow with the Gram framework and all the bonuses for:

“Even posting small clips on Instagram stories has drawn patients in…”

Before I joined Grow With The Gram my page was pretty stagnant and I wasn’t very motivated to put out new content. After joining the program, I went through all the steps and put them into action. The program helped me bring in new smile makeover patients, which is what I use my account for. I’ve gotten so many new patients already and I’m just getting started! I followed Dr. Yazdan’s instructions to a “T.” No need to reinvent the wheel when she’s done all the work for you! So I’d suggest you do the same! The program also helped me be more active on social media. Even posting small clips on Instagram stories has drawn patients in. The strategies inside the program give you the foundation you need to attract people into your business! I love everything about the program, including all the support and especially the private Facebook group where it’s easy to get help if you need it! Dr. Yazdan is truly amazing and she really just wants you to succeed.” – Dr. Michaela (Dentist)

Plus, you’ll be backed by…

The “7-Day Try It, Test It, Apply It”

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not sure if Instagram is how you want to be investing $397 of your marketing budget for the next 3 months, then give it a test drive so you can see firsthand how a little upfront effort, and proven step-by-steps can translate into a profitable Instagram account for your business.

Take 7 days to set up your Instagram account, go through the modules, cheatsheets, bonus trainings, and bring your questions directly to me inside the Facebook Group at least once.

If after 7 days, you STILL don’t feel like you have a solid execution strategy to bring in new patients, email Khalil at support@GrowWithTheGram and he’ll set up your refund. No questions asked.

I’m so confident that if you keep up with the minimum level of consistency that it takes to run a profitable account —

you’ll be able to use Instagram alone to transform your practice. You have nothing to lose, and thousands of happy followers-turned-patients to gain.

For most practitioners, it just takes converting one follower (or two, at the max) into paying patients before seeing immediate ROI.

The best part is, YOU have control of the results (not some rando marketing guy you pay $1,000 bucks for to set up your Google Ads… having no idea if they’ll even work). With Instagram, results are guaranteed as long as YOU execute and stay consistent.

And judging by your track record, I think you’ve got it in you. 🙂

“I had about 300 followers, and half were people I knew…” Thank you for the best and most thorough program! Before joining Grow With The Gram I did not have many followers, and the ones I did have were not very active on my account. I had about 300 followers, and half were people I knew. I was spending countless hours on social media trying so hard to grow but didn’t find my efforts to be successful.

So I decided to give Grow With The Gram a try.

After only a few weeks of following all the steps in the program, my follower count grew, but more importantly, I actually have people visiting my blog now! I love the program because I realized there was so much about Instagram and social media in general that I didn’t know, and didn’t understand how to properly build an audience, and after going through all the lessons and applying everything I learned I was happy to see that it worked! I also learned how to be active on social media without spending sooo many hours on my phone and computer.

I also felt the support from the program was really helpful. It kept me motivated and on track! I’m so happy I invested in the program and I would recommend it to anyone looking to grow their social media for business purposes!” – Yasamin (Hygienist)

Smart Qs other healthcare practitioners ask before making an informed decision about this program:

Don’t you need a lot of followers to be successful on Instagram?

Not at all. Your Instagram account isn’t about being popular. It’s about being PROFITABLE. You don’t need explosive growth to be successful. I was converting followers into patients LONG AGO when I didn’t even have that many followers. Even with a following of 750 or so, students of mine have gotten new patients through the door.

Think of it this way: imagine if 750 people walked into your office just to hang out. Would you feel confident you’d turn a few into patients if you got to chat with them 1 on 1 for a few minutes? This is about relationship-building, and it’s no different than on Instagram. The only difference is the few minute chat is happening inside a DM.

But isn’t it too late to leverage Instagram?

Heckkkkkk no! If you weren’t a healthcare practitioner, maaaaybe I’d say you were a little late to the party (but even still, it would be FAR from impossible). But right now, there’s more room than ever at the TOP for healthcare practitioners specifically. Less than half of your industry is on Instagram, and the majority of those who are — are doing it poorly.

Mix that with the fact that in the United States, there are 120 million active users on Instagram (that’s almost one third of the population!)….you can safely assume that one third of your town is on there too. The prospective patient to doctor ratio is nuts!

Not to mention, we need people like you to get out there and steer the conversation and quality of info that’s being shared with the general population.

What if it makes me look unprofessional and I get judged?

Look, I get it. My industry can be pretty critical. I’m sure yours is too. But if you can lead your office professionally, you can lead an Instagram account professionally.

And remember, there are 3 styles of Instagram accounts that work best for healthcare professionals. Chances are you’ve only ever been exposed to one. Once you get a proper intro to the others, you’ll feel 10x better about everything.

And once you do your first consult with someone who was so pre-sold, that they sign up for the treatment during their first visit — you’re not going to care about the doctors who aren’t taking advantage of the free marketing you’ve mastered so well.

Can’t I just outsource this?

Actually no. You need to be the one who controls this.

Too often, I see practitioners handing over their Instagram account to a marketing person who charges them thousands of dollars. Even if you did that, how would you know they actually know what they’re doing? I also see practitioners handing off the responsibility to their 20-something receptionists just because they’re “savvier.”

If you do either of these things, you’re delaying the growth of your practice. Instagram isn’t about being social media savvy. It’s about getting yourself talking to your community (future patients!) every single day. It’s the easiest networking event you could possibly attend, and the only one you can go to without changing out of your scrubs. And your receptionist will never answer your community’s questions in a way that gets them in your chair. But you can.

I’m insanely busy. Will I have time to do this effectively?

When I say this course is designed for healthcare practitioners, it’s not just because I’m teaching you the content and strategies specific to healthcare. I’m also teaching how to execute them as a person who’s chronically short on time. Every practitioner out there, including myself, has way too much on their plate.

This course factors that into the equation. If you want a realistic breakdown, here it is:

All the videos are around the 10 minute mark. You can watch 1 video per day.

It WILL take some time upfront for you to create your first batch of content. But after you adopt my 1 month of content in 1 day method, you’ll be spending 1 day per month (just like it sounds) to create ALL your content for the next 30 days. Then each day, you’ll spend 10 minutes engaging with your followers and 5-10 minutes Insta storying. It will become a habit that doesn’t take much time… kinda like brushing your teeth.

What’s the return policy?

If you’re committed to bumping Instagram UP on the priorities list (and keeping it there even when things get busy) — this WILL work.

And Grow with the Gram will be the ONLY thing you need to set up and nurture your profitable Instagram account (aka $997 for a lifetime of strategy, access to pop-up trainings Desiree hosts inside the private Facebook group, plus all future updates to the program).

IF you stay consistent, you can’t not grow. However, if after 7 days, you’ve set up your Instagram account, poked through the modules and bonus trainings, and brought your questions directly to me inside the Facebook Group at least once,

… but STILL don’t feel like you have a solid execution strategy to bring in new patients, email Khalil at support@GrowWithTheGram and he’ll set up your refund. No questions asked.

I’m a student in healthcare. Can I sign up for this?

YES! I wish I started my Instagram when I was in school! And if I did, I would be a lot further in my business than I am now. Even as an associate, I would have started off with higher pay! My advice to you: start growing your following now so that when you graduate you can get patients into a practice and sort of have a practice within a practice (which means more income for you).

If you decide to open your own business, you can take those patients you brought in with you to your new practice. You get lifetime access to the course and its updates. So as you progress through your career and as you grow, you can come back to the course and the Facebook Group community and get help.

Basically, if you want to build a community around you and your brand…this course is for you.

“An extra $18,000 – $24,000 per month of production, I’ve actually negotiated to be paid more at work!…

I’m a registered nurse and my main focus is botox, fillers, and lasers.  My workload was slow and I found myself looking for ways to fill my schedule. I took the plunge and paid to enroll in Grow With The Gram, and to my surprise it worked! I followed the steps, and basically listened to everything Dr. Yazdan said. It took me 17 days to get through the program, and it took me 5 days after that before I got my first patient from Instagram.

I used the strategies consistently for 3 months and I started to see new patients coming in each week. It’s been 8 months now and I’m up to about 14 new patients per month, which leads to anywhere between $18,000-$24,000 per month of production. Not only have I gotten new patients from Instagram, but so many of those patients have referred family members and friends as well!

It’s filled my schedule so much that I’ve actually negotiated to be paid even more at work!

It’s almost like I have my own business inside a business now! I couldn’t be happier with what this course has done for me. . .it has actually changed my life!” – Maria (Registered Nurse)

“I went through all the lessons in 3 weeks, and already I’ve grown my social!… “When I stumbled upon this course I knew it was just the thing I needed.

I have been looking for ways to promote my business and get new patients, and knowing how important social media was I just had a hunch to enroll into the program. I’m so glad I did because it was so thorough. I love how the process really is a step-by-step program like it says it is, and really easy to digest.

I went through all the lessons in just 3 weeks and began doing the work right away, and already I’ve grown my social following, grown my engagement, and I can’t even believe this but I’ve even had new clients coming in, 4 to be exact!

It’s been about 2 months since I have been implanting what I learned in the program, and I know I have momentum now! With the success I’ve seen in such a short amount of time, I am looking forward to what the future holds!” – Dr Miriam (Therapist)

Still not sure if Grow With The Gram is Perfect For You?

You’re ready to use Instagram to build name recognition &  increase production if…

1.) You’re just getting started, and you know that if you’re going to do this, you want to do this right. But you don’t want to listen to a thousand podcast episodes to piece it all together. And you already know that if you just mimic what other accounts in your industry are doing, you’re at risk of mimicking a weak strategy that sucks up time and gets you no results.

2.) You’ve tried growing your Instagram in the past. But maybe you got busy, so outsourced it to the guy who built your website, but honestly that was a nightmare. You’re looking to get your engagement back up, become even more strategic by doubling-down with the guidance of a pro, and create new doable habits so Instagram doesn’t bog you down.

3.) You’ve already been actively growing your practice, but you’re hesitant to say yes to that Yelp rep who wants you to start running Yelp ads. Is it worth it? Will it work? You can’t be sure…I mean, after throwing money at Google Ads last year, you swore you wouldn’t waste money on more stuff that wasn’t guaranteed. You’d rather spend a little time on a free marketing platform where results depend on how well YOU implement. You’ve made a lot happen for yourself up to this point and if you know one thing’s for sure:  your work ethic has never let you down.

4.) Chances are, there’s something you specialize in that sets your soul on fire, and you want to steer your practice towards your specialty. Maybe it’s cosmetics & surgery, specialty contact lenses, full-mouth rehabilitation, or maybe you’re a therapist and you want to focus on teenage women. Whatever it is, there’s something you’re especially great at, and if you could devote your full day to just that — your day-to-day would be a heckuva lot more enjoyable.

5.) You’re willing to stay consistent because the reward is THAT worth it. So if it means scheduling a 15 minute block of time into your work day, you’ll do it. And at the very least, if you’re strapped for time, you’ll pop inside the members area, swipe a done-for-you caption and photo just to get SOMETHING out. Then maybe send a little SOS to me in the Facebook Group so I can get you back on track with a pep talk. 🙂

6.)You’re excited about the fact that once you punch in your enrollment details, you can set up your Instagram business profile that’s highly searchable and set up to field inquiries — in the next 30 minutes.

7.) You know the pressure’s OFF, because you have 7 days to try this risk-free. And in that 7 days, all you have to do is poke around the content, set up your Instagram account, and seek one-on-one attention from me inside the private Facebook Group after your first question comes up. If you don’t feel confident you’ve just struck THE formula that will carry your Instagram success forevermore, Khalil from my team will send your investment back towards your bank account. No questions asked.

So,  are you ready to attract your first $6k, $25k or $40k worth of treatment, solely using Instagram — in the next 60 days?

One last pep talk before you race off to your next appointment…If you’re a practitioner and the amount of production and collections you generate inside your office weighs heavily on the health of your practice… you need Grow with the Gram.

If you ever plan to start dropping insurances… you need Grow with the Gram. If you’ve been wanting to cut down to 3 day workweeks, but don’t see when that’s possible because you’re STILL seeing more patients than you’d like so you can make ends meet…. you need Grow with the Gram.

If you’ve ever felt crappy about a compromise you made during treatment that was based off of reimbursement fees, or you took even ONE general case last week you really didn’t want to take… you need Grow with the Gram. And…If you’re inspired to be a doctor who uses their Instagram for the betterment of their local community (and are willing to get over the weirdness of self-promotion with my help)…then I look forward to setting you up with THE proven foundation, guaranteed to bring in profits for years to come (and increase production and collections in the next 60 days, as long as you stay consistent.)

“Your account WILL grow, and you’ll see results in your business from it!…”

“I started Grow With The Gram in January 2019. Prior to that I had started my account and had been trying to actively grow it for 9 months. I had very little continuity, engagement or likes and didn’t have direction on how to grow my account. I finished the entire course in a few weeks as I found the lessons to be focused, extremely helpful and full of action steps. Soon after completing the lessons, I immediately gained five new clients from Instagram.

I learned so many excellent strategies in the program, such as how to improve my content, engage with my audience, how to plan content weeks to a month in advance, how to attract my ideal client and business partner to my account, methods on promoting my account, and building trust with my audience, and so much more.

Dr. Yazdan summarizes what could have taken months to years worth of trial and error and outlines everything a business owner should know and the exact action steps needed to grow a thriving Instagram business account.  Grow With The Gram filled in the gaps of knowledge I was missing to create a comprehensive account full of intention.

If you invest in yourself, watch the modules, take notes and complete the cheat sheets, your account will grow and you will see results in your business from it!

Dr. Yazdan is beyond supportive and is truly passionate about helping others.  Anytime I have had a question, wanted to bounce ideas off of her or asked for advice, she was available! She is honest, transparent and kind.

Dr. Yazdan also runs a private Facebook group and interacts regularly with the GWTG students.  The Facebook group is a great bonus because the entire class can converse, share wins and address any areas where we feel we could use additional support.

Dr. Yazdan is literally right there with us every step of the way! If you are wanting to use Instagram to market your business you NEED to have this course!” – Dr. Carlene (Pharmacist)

The time is now.

You’re ready for this.



12 Monthly Payments

Flexible 12 Month Payment Plan

  • Access to Grow With The Gram
  • Private Facebook Group
  • How to create 1 month of content in 1 day
  • Your next 500 to 1000 quality followers on Instagram
Enroll now + Pay monthly


One Time

SAVE $167

  • Access to Grow With The Gram
  • Private Facebook Group
  • How to create 1 month of content in 1 day
  • Your next 500 to 1000 quality followers on Instagram
Pay in full + Save


What if I don’t have an Instagram account? Is Grow With The Gram for me?

Absolutely! I have your back! With your enrollment you will get all the steps in order to set up your profile properly so that it can help you convert followers into patients.

Do I get access to everything all at once or do I have to wait?

Yes, you get access to everything right away. You can attack the material at any pace you want (I recommend staying in order).

What exactly do I get with the course?

Great question As soon as you purchase, you will get immediate access (via user name and password) to the entire Grow With The Gram program.

  • Lifetime access and login 24/7 (it is all digital + downloadable so you can login to access the content & download the course and take it on the go with you as well).

You get instant access to:

  1. 5 actionable modules (to attack at your own pace)
  2. Bonuses
    • Bonus 1: Grow With The Gram PRIVATE facebook group: Networking, support, feedback, etc. Get your questions answered and get killer feedback from the community.
    • Bonus 2: Learn how to create 1 month of content in just 1 day: My EXACT steps for how I create 1 month of content in just 1 day. You never have to worry about what to post again.  This will relieve you of so much stress, and will save you so much time!
    • Bonus 3: Your first or next 500-1000 quality followers on Instagram

Can I download the videos and all of the worksheets for this course?

Yes! Everything is digital and downloadable! Enjoy!

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes! As long as the course is alive, you will get lifetime access to the material!

I’m busy, will I have time to finish the course and implement everything?

Grow with the gram was created with your busy schedule in mind.  All of the videos are about 10 minutes in length.  There are 5 modules, and each module has 3-6 lessons in it.  So getting through the material won’t be daunting.  There is no fluff.  It is filled with actionable steps that you can start implementing right away.  I know you’re busy building your business, so it was designed to get you to your end result as fast as possible, without leaving out any details.   This program will actually help save you time when it comes to successfully using your Instagram page for your business because I’m giving you all the steps you need.  It’s all laid out for you in the course.

There are already so many big accounts out there, can I still get noticed?

Your Instagram account isn’t about being popular, it’s about being profitable.  I’m going to teach you how to stand out from the saturation.  It IS Possible for you to get noticed and for you to grow a page that will convert followers into patients and bring income into your business, despite what your numbers are!

Is this course right for me? Meaning, will it “work” for me?

Everyone’s situation is a little bit different and of course I can’t guarantee results, but I can give you the EXACT blueprint I have used for success with this and all the tools, strategies and step-by-step hand-holding. I literally give you every detail of exactly what I have done in order to get a minimum of 30-50 new patients per month in my practice CONSISTENTLY.  That being said, the course is definitely right for you if: If you are out there with an Instagram account and you are tired of not knowing how to convert your followers into patients If you are a committed beginner starting from scratch and are ready to build an Instagram account that will generate more income for your business by turning your followers into patients, and you don’t want to waste YEARS and money trying to figure it all out on your own If you are looking for ways to increase the production in your practice If are looking to get new patients flooding your practice each month this is going to be for you. The key “requirement” I’d say is definitely a positive attitude, being an action-taker and being “coachable.” Also, a real desire to not only learn BUT ACTUALLY IMPLEMENT (and a positive attitude always helps). I wish I would have known this stuff 6 years ago (and learned it even earlier than I did). If so, I’d be writing this from a yacht of something. The course is NOT for you if: If you are expecting “overnight results” with “very little effort/work involved” this, my friend, is not for you. This is not a get rich quick scheme. I give you the EXACT blueprint and tell you want to do, but only you can actually do it and yes it involves getting in the trenches and doing work (that being said, I can take tons of time off your learning curve which is another benefit of the course). If you have a negative, crappy attitude, please don’t buy the course. Also, and this is a big one, if you “know all of this already and are a smarty, smarty pants” this might not be for you. My guess is I will be sharing with you in the course things you already know AND things you probably don’t do. But, this is the secret sauce, it is all put together as a system for you to go at it step-by-step. If you come in with the attitude that you know everything and are looking for some kind of magic fairy dust, this ain’t for you.

Am I going to have to hire professionals for my account? Like a photographer and/or videographer?

No. You can if you want, but you definitely DO NOT have to hire anyone to make your Instagram account work for you.

Is grow with the gram really step-by-step?

Absolutely! No guesswork. Just follow the system.

How long does it take to go through the course

I’ve planned it out so you can get through it all in just 30 days.  Each module has anywhere from 3-6 lessons in it, and each lesson is about 10 minutes long, plus you have the bonuses

What if I buy and want a refund? What’s the policy?

So, here is the deal on refunds. I pride myself on having created a high quality program that actually works…if you put the work in. Meaning, if you do what I teach you, good things happen. If you don’t do it, nothing good happens. Shocking, right?. If within 14 days, you are unhappy for whatever reason just email our customer support and you will receive a full refund. My team and I stand behind Grow With The Gram 100%.

I have a question, Who should I ask?

I always will encourage you to jump into the private Facebook group first and ask your question there.  If you have a question it’s likely that someone else has the same exact question.  So it will be helpful to answer it where others can benefit from this.  But, if you would like, we have amazing customer support that you can contact to get your questions answered!

Will you directing answer questions about my Instagram account?

I will be in the private facebook group each week to support you.  That will be the best way for you to get support.  But if you need additional support, you can email our support team.

Why should I buy this course when I could find information online?

Grow With The Gram will save you a whole lot of time so that you don’t need to go hunting and pecking to find what you need.  I’m giving you everything in one place all at once so that you can get your strategy right from the get go.  It’s an A-Z system of every step you need to take in order to create a successful Instagram account that will benefit your business.  Plus, you will have access to me should you need help along the way!

Is there really anything inside this course that I don't already know, or that I couldn't find online for free?

Well, let’s be honest, you can probably find any information that you want online. But it’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take you a ton of time to piece every bit of information together.  What I am giving you is a roadmap to success.  A short-cut to the finish line so you can start making more money in your business ASAP. I’m also giving you proven and tested strategies that actually work.

Is this worth the money?

Let me ask you this: How valuable is your time? This course will easily save you months or even YEARS of time researching and learning how to use Instagram for your business– not to mention a lot of missed revenue.  For many healthcare professionals, even just 1 new patient from Instagram will more than cover the cost of the course. And if you take this seriously, it can happen relatively quickly!

How long will this take?

It will only take a few hours to get started and you can apply some of the strategies to your account immediately. Many of my GWTG insiders who complete the training begin to see an increase in traffic and followers within a few weeks.  Sometimes even new patients coming in the doors within those few weeks. The beauty of this program is that you have lifetime access, so you can go as quickly as you want, or as slow as you want and I will be with you every step of the way.