Instagram™ Rx

4 secrets that turn Instagram™ into a dependable stream of hig quality patients – FREE Masterclass!



You’re tired of struggling for patients and relying on insurance procedures to make ends meet.

You want to spend your days doing procedures you love with patients you love.

Sign up for Instagram™ Rx – the free training that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how savvy healthcare professionals use Instagram to pack their calendar.

Instagram™ Rx will show you:

  • How one student used Secret #1 to get 9 new patients in the first week
  • The Post-it Note Party that ensures you always have something click-worthy to post
  • The critical mistake healthcare professionals make that erases their momentum
  • How to create content without being glued to your phone or needing an extra work day
  • Free resources that speed up your process and get you noticed

Instagram™ Rx also delivers the workbook that ensures this isn’t just “another online training” – it highlights the most powerful takeaways so you can use the 4 secrets to boost your practice.

If you want to take control of your income, be seen as the expert you are, and pack your waiting room with patients eager to work with you, sign up for Instagram™ Rx and transform your practice.

Meet Dr Yazdan

Through a series of unfortunate events, my story starts with me at the helm of a patient-free practice with no money to market, plenty of staff to pay, and zero idea how to use social media.

It took me a year to crack the code.

And now, I draw in an average of 40 new patients a month from Instagram™.

I know you’re busy. And I know you’ve dreamt of spending your days doing procedures you love with patients you love. Instagram™ Rx can show you how to use Instagram™ to make it happen without wasting a year trying to crack the code!

It’s 100% free and designed specifically for you: The busy healthcare professional who wants to use Instagram™ to transform their practice from barely there to exponential growth. Sign up now!