Yasamin (Hygienist)
Thank you for the best and most thorough program! Before joining Grow With The Gram I did not have many followers, and the ones I did have were not very active on my account. I had about 300 followers, and half were people I knew. I was spending countless hours on social media trying so hard to grow but didn’t find my efforts to be successful. So I decided to give Grow With The Gram a try. After only a few weeks of following all the steps in the program, my follower count grew, but more importantly, I actually have people visiting my blog now! I love the program because I realized there was so much about Instagram and social media in general that I didn’t know, and didn’t understand how to properly build an audience, and after going through all the lessons and applying everything I learned I was happy to see that it worked! I also learned how to be active on social media without spending sooo many hours on my phone and computer. I also felt the support from the program was really helpful. It kept me motivated and on track! I’m so happy I invested in the program and I would recommend it to anyone looking to grow their social media for business purposes!

Dr. Michaela (Dentist)
Before I joined Grow With The Gram my page was pretty stagnant and I wasn’t very motivated to put out new content. After joining the program, I went through all the steps and put them into action. The program helped me bring in new smile makeover patients, which is what I use my account for. I’ve gotten so many new patients already and I’m just getting started! I followed Dr. Yazdan’s instructions to a “T.” No need to re-invent the wheel when she’s done all the work for you! So I’d suggest you do the same! The program also helped me be more active on social media. Even posting small clips on Instagram stories has drawn patients in. The strategies inside the program give you the foundation you need to attract people into your business! I love everything about the program, including all the support and especially the private Facebook group where it’s easy to get help if you need it! Dr. Yazdan is truly amazing and she really just wants you to succeed.

Dr. Lisa (OD)
I was utterly clueless about Instagram before enrolling in the Grow With The Gram program in 2018. Essentially new to the platform and using it only for fun stuff like accounts related to my hobbies, I didn’t know how to use it to promote my practice. The Instagram posts on my feed were typically limited to holiday wishes and jokes related to my field. I had approximately 150 followers for my practice page at the time. I watched all of the training videos and took copious notes, and I have found comfort in having the roadmap to success, and referring back to my notes and the cheat sheets given in the program when I’m struggling with a post or IG story. It’s also great to know that the videos are always there for reference too. My account currently has more than 400 genuine followers, that are actually interested in what I have to say. I followed the steps in the program, began posting more frequently with the strategies given to me, I learned how to interact with other accounts properly in order to have more engagement, and so much more. The program gave me more confidence because I know if I put in the time, I can tackle Instagram with a concrete strategy and really build my business! Dr. Yazdan is as available and responsive with her GWTG team as you imagine she would be as one of her IG followers. The commitments made regarding support in the course information are genuine, so you won’t feel “left hanging” at all. For example, I couldn’t find one of the cheat sheets on the website, so I emailed to ask about it, then received a response to say that it had been uploaded to the site less than two hours later. Love this program and definitely recommend it!