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“Grow With The Gram gave me access to a clear strategy to growing my Instagram page and ultimately to reach patients I didn’t even realize I could attract. The material was filled with value, and I was able to start using the strategies from the program right away. And right away, I started seeing a difference. I also like that I realized I didn’t have to hire a photographer to take my photos.The program taught me exactly how to take my own photos so I could save my money! When I started using the concepts and strategies I learned in Grow With The Gram, it only took 3 weeks to go through all the content and after implementing the strategies for 8 weeks, I gained 12 new patients. It started with 1 new patient, then it went to 2, and went up from there! Those 12 new patients led to over $40,000 of production! The Grow With The Gram system saved me so much time and money.” – NEDA (DERMATOLOGIST)

“When I stumbled upon this course I knew it was just the thing I needed. I have been looking for ways to promote my business and get new patients, and knowing how important social media was I just had a hunch to enroll into the program. I’m so glad I did because it was so thorough. I love how the process really is a step-by-step program like it says it is, and really easy to digest. I went through all the lessons in just 3 weeks and began doing the work right away, and already I’ve grown my social following, grown my engagement, and I can’t even believe this but I’ve even had new clients coming in, 4 to be exact! It’s been about 2 months since I have been implanting what I learned in the program, and I know I have momentum now! With the success I’ve seen in such a short amount of time, I am looking forward to what the future holds! ” – Mariam (Therapist)

I started Grow With The Gram in January 2019. Prior to that I had started my account and had been trying to actively grow it for 9 months. I had very little continuity, engagement or likes and didn’t have direction on how to grow my account. I finished the entire course in a few weeks as I found the lessons to be focused, extremely helpful and full of action steps.  Soon after completing the lessons, I immediately gained five new clients from Instagram.

I learned so many excellent strategies in the program, such as how to improve my content, engage with my audience, how to plan content weeks to a month in advance, how to attract my ideal client and business partner to my account, methods on promoting my account, and building trust with my audience, and so much more. Dr. Yazdan summarizes what could have taken months to years worth of trial and error and outlines everything a business owner should know and the exact action steps needed to grow a thriving Instagram business account.  Grow With The Gram filled in the gaps of knowledge I was missing to create a comprehensive account full of intention.   If you invest in yourself, watch the modules, take notes and complete the cheat sheets, your account will grow and you will see results in your business from it!

Dr. Yazdan is beyond supportive and is truly passionate about helping others.  Anytime I have had a question, wanted to bounce ideas off of her or asked for advice, she was available! She is honest, transparent and kind.  Dr. Yazdan also runs a private Facebook group and interacts regularly with the GWTG students.  The Facebook group is a great bonus because the entire class can converse, share wins and address any areas where we feel we could use additional support.  Dr. Yazdan is literally right there with us every step of the way! If you are wanting to use Instagram to market your business you NEED to have this course! ” – Carlene (Pharmacist)

I work as a registered nurse and my main focus is botox, fillers, and lasers.  My workload was slow and I found myself looking for ways to fill my schedule.  I took the plunge and paid to enroll in Grow With The Gram, and to my surprise it worked! I followed the steps, and basically listened to everything Dr. Yazdan said. It took me 17 days to get through the program, and it took me 5 days after that before I got my first patient from Instagram.  I used the strategies consistently for 3 months and I started to see new patients coming in each week. It’s been 8 months now and I’m up to about 14 new patients per month, which leads to anywhere between $18,000-$24,000 per month of production. Not only have I gotten new patients from Instagram, but so many of those patients have referred family members and friends as well! It’s filled my schedule so much that I’ve actually negotiated to be paid even more at work! It’s almost like I have my own business inside a business now! I couldn’t be happier with what this course has done for me. . .it has actually changed my life! – Maria (Registered Nurse)

A 7 day “try-it, test it, apply it” money back guarantee